Pellet Mill France Plants–What are the Trends?

Understanding the many pellet mill France plants require you to go back all the way to the 1980s, where the first pellet mill was established. Fact of the matter is France has always been a huge market for pellet mills and the country has a long history of it. This continues until today, where production and consumption of pellet mills perpetually grow at a reasonable rate every year – with both demands and offers remain high. In general, the demand comes from two sectors: private residential and industrial usage.

Due to the variety of its climate conditions, there are huge opportunities for the uses of pellets both in wood pellet boilers and pellet stove. For example, the climate in the North-east area of France can be characterized by long cold winters. Similar to the neighboring countries, there is a strong tradition of relying on wood energy. However, in recent years, there has been a positive trend in the usage of pellet mills as heating solutions. Therefore, in this area pellet mills are used as for stoves and boilers. Meanwhile, in another area where the weather is less cold, pellet mills are mostly used for stoves. The use of pellet mill for heating is mostly pursued only to complement the electric heating system.

When it comes to the usage of pellet mills in the industrial sector, it has to be noted that the country doesn’t really have many power plants that utilize charcoals. Unfortunately, the use of pellets isn’t yet widespread. But there is hope that more power plants will pick up on the materials – as the country tries to reduce the effect of greenhouse and gas emissions. Sooner or later, the demand for this type of use will improve.

All in all, small to medium players still play a big role in introducing pellet press and pellets to the masses. Until now, there is really no big pellet producer in the country. However, the industrialization of pellet mill France is definitely on the horizon.

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