Types of large scale pellet machinery

Pellet machinery is used to produce wood pellets or animal feeds in large scale (commercial purposes) or small scale (home use). Depending on the pellet production process that you intend to undertake, you need to select your equipment wisely. If you intend to produce wood pellets or animal feeds in large scale, there are two common types that you can choose from. This is the flat die pellet machinery as well as the ring die pellet machinery. The differentiating factor regards on these two types of equipments regards the way they work. For instance, flat die pellet mills have been known to flat die with slots whereby the pressing involves the press of the roller as the die rotates forcing matter through small holes within the die.
Later on, after the particles or in this case yet to be pellets get through the holes, there is a cutter which cuts them into pellets. Unlike in the flat die, in the ring die there are radial like slots all throughout the die the feeding of the matter through tiny holes is similar as in the flat die pellet mills. Instead of one cutter, there are two cutters which cut the compressed matter through the die on the outside. The availability of the two cutters is due to the availability of the two rollers.

Even though there are pellet producing companies that still find the flat die pellet mills better, most large scale companies tend to use the ring die pellet mills. One thing, however, flat die pellet mills have been connected with efficiency when it comes to power consumption especially when using diesel unlike ring die pellet mills. A fact that makes flat die pellet mills be the primary choice of small scale pellet and animal feed producers as well. Additionally, they are also light in weight.

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