Biomass Pellet Packing Machines

Biomass Pellet Packing Machine

Save your labor cost by using the Auto Packing Machine. Although some clients delivery the biomass pellet to the container or wareshouse directly, lots of clients need to pack them in a plastic bag from 15kg per bag to 50kg per bag.

Auto-packing machine is an optimal device for biomass pellet packing . Suitable Materials: Any type of biomass pellets or particle material. The quantitative capacity can be adjusted freely. ranges from: 5-15kg, 20-50kg
Bagging Capacity:150-200 bags;250-300 bags

Main Structures:
1. Auto filling system
2. Auto weighting balance
3. Auto belt conveyor
4. Auto sewing machine or Auto heat sealing machine
5. Electric control cabinet
Flowing Process:
Manual bag placement–>Auto filling–>Auto weighting–>Auto bag conveyor–>Auto bag sewed or sealed
Technical Parameters:
+/- 0.2%
Packing speed
150-200bags/250-300bags/500-600 bags per hour
Weighing scale
5kg-15kg ,20kg-50kg ,50-100kgper bag
Power Supply
220Va.c and 4N-380Va.c
Power Dissipation
Compressed Air
Compressed Air Consume
0.6m3 per hour
Feed-in system
Belt conveyer feed-in, smoothly and quickly

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