Want to build a pellet plant? See real wood pellet factory working and be a wood pellet supplier.

0.5 Tons Per Hour Biomass Pellet Production Line

This pellet production line is installed in Huidong Guangdong Province, pressing saw dust into biomass pellet, capacity is 0.5-1tph. This is our old stype pellet mill, belt drive and practical for small scale pellet production, easy for change the belt and convenience for operation.

0.5 Tons Per Hour Biomass Pellet Production Line

1Ton Per Hour Wood Pellet Production Line

This line is installed in Suzhou Jiangsu, except the pelletizer and cooler, all of their pellet are provided to local Steam suppliers. This line also equipped with dust collector. Frankly, most of pellet machine operator are under bad working condition, becasue most of the factory doesn’t equip with dust colletor for saving some monty.

1 Ton Per Hour Biomass Pellet Plant

In China, there are lots of biomass plants  and approximate 50% of them are 1-tph. Following 1T/H Pellet Plant is installed in he Hunan, inland Province in south China, this plant is the first pellet line in this province

Mobile Pellet Production Line

NPM Provides a Mobile Pellet Production Line, in small scale style, capacity  from  300kg to 500kg per hour. Following line is sell for our Hebei client, processing rice straw and wheat straw.

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2 Tons Per Hour Wood Pellet Production Line

Guangdong is big province for using wood pellet  and now there are more than two hundred productions are in this province. NPM take up more than 60% of market share in this province and now following is some pictures of the production lines.

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Pellet Mill Plant Installation

NPM provides a turnkey pellet mill production line and we can send our technicians to install and commission the prodcution line for our client. Following is some pictures of the installation scene

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Drying System

Although people want to save money and don’t want to equip the drying system , the moisture content of the raw material is higher than 15%, you should install this parts. Following are some pictures of the drying system.

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6 Tons Per Hour Wood Pellet Plant

Guangdong is the biggest province for  manufacturing wood pellet, follow is picture from our client in Nanjing City, three sets of NPM 508 pellet mill, capacity 5-6tph, as one of the biggest plant in Zhongshan, their material is saw dust, moisture content is 15%, no need dryer.

6ton per hour pellet mill


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