Pellet Mill Spare Parts

Pellet Mill Spare Parts

To run the machines smoothly, you need to do the maintenence, check the pellet mill spare parts,rollers, dies, screws, bearings, shearing bins,press covers etc. According to feedback from our customers, the spare parts takes up approximate 8% of the machine cost every year (primary for wood chipper, hammer mill and pellet mill.)

AKG has full range of pellet mill spare parts in stock, this ensure our client’s emergency needs and can take prompt delivery. For special order parts, we can handle within 6-10days.

Ring Die is a leading parts of the plant, AKG ring die is made from Stainless Stell, We design every ring die according to different material characteristic and compress ratio.  According to proper running, our ring die can make 800-1000ton wood pellets.

Bolts, shearing bin, bearing for pellet mill are very consumable parts and use a lot in during continuous production, our customers usually purchase one year of this parts from us as a backup.


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