Latest Pellet Mill in China

After years research and development, AKG now supplies the most sophisticated pellet mill in China.

AKG Biofuel Tech is one of the first Chinese companies to initiate its own research capabilities in biomass pellet technology. Due to a lack of experience in biomass pelletization, most Chinese companies are completely dependent on outdated technology derived from machinery designed to produce grain feed.

Disadvantages of these machines include high speeds of rotation, low output, low pellet density, high mechanical losses, and high manufacturing costs. Some of these problems persist within the industry in China to the present day. AKG BiofuelTech found it necessary to surpass the level of prevailing grain feed technology and began its own research in 2003.

Since this time, the company’s engineers have engaged with Tsinghua University professors specialized in biomass pellet technology. After eight years of repeated testing and discussions, the group successfully adjusted the machine’s main structure, greatly improved the ring die and compression roller, and made considerable gains in the machine’s lubrication and transmission systems, thereby greatly enhancing its durability and efficiency in the pelletization processes.

With these improvements as a basis, the group then developed a complete biomass pellet plant which is able to process sawdust, wood chips, straw and other biomass materials into pellet fuel. Pellets produced by the company’s newly engineered plant are denser, more uniform in length, more lustrous and have fewer flaws. Its technical specifications comply with international standards.

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