Why Pellet Mill for Straw Is Better

Though it is still quite unknown in the industry, pellet mill for straw is actually a great pellet fuel that has a big potential. There are many straw residues that can be used as pellet fuels, such as barley and wheat straw. The two straws are possibly the finest of them all and will help produce great quality pellets without the hassle usually associated with it. Apart from the two, it is possible to use other agricultural wastes. Some examples of wastes that can be turned into pellets are corn stalks and cobs. Recently, more people are also beginning to tap into the potential of using oil seed rape straw. It is clear by the lists above that when it comes to materials that can be used as pellets – the choices may be unlimited. What can we use them for?

There are many uses for pellet mills, including diesel pellet mill and electric pellet mill. During winter months, farms that have pig and chicken sheds are prone to the cold weather. Instead of using gas or oil to heat the shed, using pellet mill for straw can be a viable and more affordable solution. The best of all – you don’t have to worry about looking for the materials. You can simply use the used straw for the animal bedding to be processed into fuel. Ultimately, you have the most affordable way to heat the barn and shed. It is accurate to say that the straw fuel pellets are a form of renewable energy that can be had easily. If you produce too much straw fuel pellets, they can easily be given or sold to the local community. This will help generate more income.

Pellet mill for straw is ideal if you want to provide the best heating solution at the lowest cost. Compared to wood pellets, the cost of straw pellets is substantially cheaper. In addition, it is easier to get the material as it is more abundant in nature. Another positive aspect of the straw pelleting machine is the fact that the production requires a substantially lower energy source as well – keeping the production cost even lower.


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