The Benefits of Ring Die Pellet Mill in Pellet Mill Repair

As there are two types of pellet press dies and so is in the pellet mills. Generally, the two major types of pellet mills are the flat die pellet mills and the ring die pellet mills. To understand the best pellet mill from the other, we need to focus on the pellet mill repair with regards to benefits. So which pellet mill is better? Well, it’s not an easy question since both kinds of pellet mills can perform their jobs and present remarkable results. However, it is well known that everything that can present good results somehow has a demerit. So what are the advantages and disadvantages in accordance with pellet mill repair?

For one, if you own a flat die pellet mill, you already notice that it is one of the easiest types when it comes to maintaining the required cleanliness. This is because it is easier to access the pellet mill chamber compared to the other type thus enabling you to save time while changing the die. This type of mill is rather suitable in small scale pellet production system. The standing demerit on this pellet mill thus what makes the ring die pellet mill better compared to it is that uneven roller and die wearing may be caused in the process.

This means that the ring die pellet mill doesn’t cause the latter. Since we are talking about repair measures, as the ring die pellet mill will not cause the uneven die that culminates to roller wearing, it simply means that pellet mill repair with this kind of mill would be cheaper and at a lower cost. Other than the pellet mill costs for maintenance, this type of pellet mill is also suitable as it conserves energy and because of this factor, it is rather suitable for large scale productions. The adjustment of rollers which requires people with higher skills in the maintenance of this equipment is the standing disadvantage. No matter what kind of pellet mill you decide to purchase, you should note that there is always something to count for.

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