Essential Information about Pellet Mills CPM

When it comes to the best pellet mills in the country, one of the most trusted brands is the pellet mill CPM. Stands for California Pellet Mill, they have been around for almost 100 years in the industry – providing the best solution for all your pellet needs. One of the most recognized traits of their mills is its gear drive train design. No wonder that the brand never seem to lose its popularity in the market, since it is considered by many as the most efficient wood pellet mill designs.

The pellet mill CPM is not only known for its efficient energy usage, but it is also lauded for its high durability. Furthermore, thanks to clever designing, the machine will be able to produce round-the-clock with no troubles. All in all, the machine has been designed with perfection in mind. You will be pleased to know that all parts are made in the country. Since the company is based in the country, they can also provide better and faster service – if ever you need more assistance.

Apart from all the usual things you expect to see in pellet mills, CPM is loaded with many features that will help produce better quality pellets. For example, the use of positive direct gear drive can provide up to 97 percent transfer of energy. In plain words, it uses less energy in the production process, which means a big saving on your end. The machine has a rounded gear case with added interior ribbing. This gives more durability and strength, but still operates silently enough that you almost can’t hear a thing. The use of die clamps will make all alignment problems but a thing of the past. As for the design of the modular gearbox, this gives your machine more flexibility if ever the need arises to produce more. There is simply no denying the quality and innovation that pellet mill CPM can offer.

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