Austria Needs Pellet Mills

The entire Europe is popular with pellet mills. So does Austria. Many reasons contribute to Austria pellet mills demand. First one: Austria is one of EU members. EU has high standard for environment protection. Conventional fuel like coal will produce much smoke and ash during combustion. This can do harm to the environment.

Pellet mills can produce biomass pellets which are very good fuel and will produce less smoke and ash when burning. The second reason: pellet mills can convert any kind of biomass into pellets. Corn stalk, cotton stalk, groundnut shell, soybean husk, bagasse and other agricultural waste can be raw material after being pretreated. Trees can also be used as raw material. These materials are easily available.

Process being environment friendly is the third reason. The process of producing pellet in pellet mills is just a mechanical movement. Raw material goes into pellet mills. Pellets are formed by pressing raw material through small holes in the die. No harmful byproduct is emitted. This confirms to the concept of building a green world. Also pellet mills are easily handled. You don’t have to study them for a long time before operate them. They are just over there, waiting for you pressing the start-up button. Why not go to buy one? It is fabulous.


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