Ways to reduce pellet mill power consumption

The production of pellets at a large scale consumes a lot of energy especially when a three phase motor or sometimes diesel engine is being used. The consumption of energy during this process raises the cost of the production of the pellets to the pellet mill owner.  However, there is no absolute alternative that can be used to eliminate the cost of the energy used but there are ways that pellet mill power consumption can be reduced.

There are a number of ways that pellet mill power consumption can be achieved and some of them include maintenance of the pellet mill machine such as pellet mill dryer, use of additives and using the ring die as part of the pellet mill.

Good maintenance of a pellet mill is one of the ways to reduce the pellet mill power consumption. There are times that the pellet mill will consume a lot of power because it is not working properly as one of the parts or many are defective. Therefore, regular checking of the functions of the pellet mill will improve the quality of the produced as well as reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Additives used in the processing of pellets are also another way of reducing pellet mill power consumption. The additives are added onto the raw materials that are used to make the pellets through the use of a pellet mill. Furthermore, the additives increase the efficiency in which the pellets are produced so that the number increases as the level of energy consumption reduces. The additives that contribute to pellet mill power consumption are inexpensive and include starch, sirup, and distilled grains among others.

Pellet mills are able to use two types of dies mainly ring die as well as flat die to make the process of making pellets more efficient. However, when it comes to the reduction of the pellet mill power consumption the ring die is the most preferred because of its unique design that ensures higher efficiency while consuming less energy than other pellet mill dies.

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