The Transportation of Biomass Pellets

In a large-scale pellet plant, we need to take advantage of the transportation machinery to transport the raw material or wood pellets from one process to another process. For example, when the pellets leave the pellet mill or leave the cooler to the packaging machine, transportation machinery is required. The commonly used transportation machineries include piping system, belt conveyor, crew conveyor, and bucket elevator.

With regard to the transportation of final pellets, the most ideal machinery is bucket elevator rather than screw auger. Because the newly-made pellets are very fragile when it come out of the pellet mill or cooler, screw augers will easily make it crackle, which would seriously effect the quality and fine proportion of pellet fuel.

In most pellet plants, the best transportation machinery is bucket elevator. Bucket elevator consists of a set of buckets. Thanks to the gravity, the pellets would fall into the bucket. Every few seconds, a bucket will rise from the bottom to the top to hold the pellets, and then gradually transport them to next step.

There are many types of speed specifications of bucket elevator, and it is the best choice to transport the pellets from cooler to packing equipments.

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