The Popularity of Pellet Mill Thailand

People often associate pellet mills to plants in various developed countries in the world, such as European countries and the US. Little did they realize that pellet mills are also widely used and popular in other developing countries such as the pellet mill of India and Thailand. You will be definitely surprised when you hear the following information on the biggest global producer of livestock feeds. Ready? Thailand is actually one of the biggest suppliers of livestock feed in the world with over than 20 million tons of compound feeds were produced annually. To say that pellet mill is popular in that country would be an understatement indeed. So what exactly are these compound feeds?

Compound feeds – known also as livestock feeds – are feedstuffs that are produced by blending several raw materials and various additives. The mixture is formulated specifically for the target animal. The end products can either be crumbles or pellets depending on the target market. Though the pellets are produced for animals, the contents are highly nutritious. It is common to mix the products so that they contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other micronutrients. Though Thailand, as one of the biggest manufacturers of compound feeds in the world can produce more than 20 million tons annually – the overall production worldwide may reach more than 500 million tons of feeds.

Pellet mill Thailand plants have actually been around for decades and people have been using the traditional ways of producing livestock feeds. It is only by the introduction of technology though that the industry has become the giant that it is now today. Thailand is known worldwide for its wood chips, which some believe as the best materials to make pellets of any kinds – compound feeds included. The above information on pellet mill industry in Thailand should hopefully be useful enough to give you more understanding and details about pellet mills and their applications all over the world and in various countries.

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