The Package of Biomass and Wood Pellets

As the winter is approaching, we need to store large amounts of pellet fuel for heating to get warm. No matter we pack it by ourself or purchase it from shops, we need to attach great importance to its package. Good package can protect the pellets from getting damp and breaking apart. Because if the wood pellets are exposed in the humid environment, they will absorb the water, and then get swell, which severely impact on its combustion efficiency in the pellet stove, even though the pellet fuel is produced by the best pellet mill. The most widely-used packaging solutions are bags, sacks and pellet tankers.

The most common package way is using plastic bags, each can contain 10-20Kg pellets, which is convenient for customers to load into the pellet stove or pellet boiler. The bags are usually made by many layers of plastic clothes with two end seaming. Bags are mainly used by small-scale pellet consumer.

Big sacks can accommodate 1 ton of pellet fuel. However, most sacks are not water-proof. Therefore, pellets are normally keep in silo. Based on the reason that the cost on the material and labour is lower, pellets fuel sold in sacks are cheaper than pellets sold in bags.

Pellet tanker
For the customer with large-scale silo, storing pellet fuel in the tankers is a good choice. In common circumstance, the pellets stored in the tanker of silo can be consumed for a few months.

No matter what kind of packaging measure do we use, as long as it can keep the pellets fuel from the pellet mill intact and dry, then it can be taken into consideration to pack biomass pellets.

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