Take Precaution against Fire in Pellet Plant

A large scale pellet plant factory usually needs to keep a substantial quantity of raw material such as woodchip or straw for the need of pellet fuel production, which is easily to cause a severe fire disaster under the condition that the power consumption of pellet mill is very massive. What’s more, with little moisture content, wood pellets are also an inflammable fuel. This kind of news are reported in the TV or Newspaper in recent years. The fire occurs in the pellet plant will bring in horrible consequence. Sometimes it not only bring you great financial loss but also result in massive casualties.

“Precautions averts perils”. Smart businessmen won’t be stingy on the investment of fire precaution. Generally speaking, good fire precaution consists of hardware facility and software facility.

Hardware facility means that the material and structural design of the plant should accord with the fire safety standard. Fireproof architecture material is used to build the plant, and escape way and fire extinguisher should be equipped.

Software facility means that the working staff in the pellet mill should take training lessons to have good awareness of fire precaution. It would be more effective if there is restricted regulations in the plant. For example, smoking is prohibited.

Fire precaution should not be relaxed all the time in wood pellet mill plant, and every pellet fuel producer should take it seriously.

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