Steps in pellet mill production

The production of pellets is usually the end of the process that begins with the introduction of raw materials into the pellet mill. The process is similar whether the raw materials will produce wood pellets or biomass pellets. Many people who use pellets as an alternative to fossil fuel are not aware of the process that takes place and as a result a large number of pellets are produced. The pellet mill production involves activities that are meant to crush, dry, pelletize, and cool as well as packing.  The pellet mill production process is divided into three parts namely the system that handles the raw materials; pelleting system as well as packing system.

The first step in pellet mill production which handles the system involves the confirmation of the status of the material as well as the selection of the pre-treatment equipment. The tools involved in this process include the wood chipper which is used to reduce the diameter of the raw material if need be. The raw material that has been cut into smaller sizes is then moved to a tool known as hammer mill that crushes them to powder. This raw material in powder form is what makes up the inside of the pellet which is the final product of the pellet mill.

Drying is another step in pellet mill production as it makes sure that moisture is eliminated so as not to have substandard pellets. However, the dryers can differ from one pellet mill to another depending in on the brand that the pellet mill is being sold.

The next step is the use of the pellet mill dies to be able to compress any raw material such as straw, biomass sources and wood. As the pellet die temperature rises, the compression of the raw materials to bind them together into pellets can either be natural or through the use of additives so that the pellets are of high quality. Lastly, the pellets are then packaged after evading sin.

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