Pellet Mill Energy Usage–Reducing Means Saving Money

When it comes to pellet mill energy usage, the biggest contributing factor is the phase when the diesel engine is running and being used. This is the phase that has the biggest consequence of increasing the production cost of the pellets – which will ultimately be levied on the owner of the pellet mills. Unfortunately, you can’t really avoid this situation as there is no alternative to completely eliminate the energy cost. However, it is possible to try and reduce the power consumption of the pellet mill.

Your energy saving efforts to reduce cost can be done in so many ways – with one being to conduct a regular maintenance of the mill. This way – you can keep it running at its most optimum capacity. Properly conducting the maintenance can also make sure that all parts are kept in check. If there is one slight problem in one of the parts, it will affect the overall production of the machine and you will be left with higher production cost. Hence, good maintenance is key if you want to reduce the power consumption of the pellet mill. Remember to always regularly check the functions of the mill.

Another way to reduce the cost of production is to use additives apart from pellet mill lignin in processing the pellets. You can add the additives onto the materials that will be processed and turned into pellets. What are the benefits of using additives? Well, for one you will improve the efficiency of the pellet production. These additives can be easily bought for cheap. They include syrup, distilled grains, starch and many more. Ultimately, using additives will drive down the production cost. The last tip to reduce cost is to use a ring die.

Due to its unique design, the ring die provides higher efficiency. It also consumes less energy compared to other dies. Hopefully the explanation above will help you get a better understanding on pellet mill energy usage and what you can do to reduce the cost of production.

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