Pellet Mill Andritz Feed & Biofuel– What Set Them Apart

Having been in the industry for a good while, regardless of the production requirements of your company, you are bound to find the right pellet mill Andritz to meet those needs. When it comes to high-capacity pelting, the pellet mills that are produced by Andritz Feed & Biofuel offer a wide range of versatility and power that will help you achieve minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Find out what sets the pellet mills produced by Andritz apart compared to the rest and why they are preferred by players in the industry.

The gear-drive pellet mills produced by Andritz allows you to replace dies in less than 15 minutes should the need arise to do maintenance check-up or if there’s been a change in the production schedule. This is just one of the characteristic of the gear-drive pellet mills; they come with easily removable and changeable pelleting cartridge. The cartridge itself – which consists of main shaft, die housing and cover, and rolls – can be easily removed from the pellet mills. It can then be transported for maintenance or storage.

As for another model, the V-Belt pellet mills, they allow you to significantly reduce the production cost thanks to their efficient design. Utilizing two rugged bearings within the power train, as well as the die housing and main shaft – the mills come with fewer parts. What this means is you will have lower pellet mill costof pellet mill maintenance and quieter operation. Apart from its efficient nature, the mills are also extremely dependable.

The above are just two of the most popular pellet mills produced by Andritz. Whatever pellet mill Andritz you choose to use for your business, you can be sure that the company’s many years of experience will lead you to the path of success. Though the company is based in Austria, they have global operations and can provide the support you need for various Feed & Biofuel lines wherever you are located.

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