Maintenance After Using The Pellet Mill

Pellet mill dies made from different metals may have different characteristics according to the specification of pellet mill. However, no matter what kind of metal, to ensure long working life, certain maintenance is significantly needed after finishing the usage of pellet mill.

It is highly suggested to clean the die after each pellet processing, which will make it easier to start the pellet production next time. If there is raw material left in the pellet mill, once it is cooled down, it will harden with the effect of lignin, which will corrode the die, especially carbon steel die, and moreover, bringing in difficulty for next start. It will waste a large amount time and energy to drill out the leftover in the pellet mill.

On the other hand, the raw material also can decide the difficulty extent to clean the pellet die. If the raw material is low-density yet oily, then usually no need to clean the pellet  die after production. However, it is very necessary to get rid of the remaining raw materials if the pellet mill processes with wood or other high density low oiliness biomass raw materials. One of the best ways to clean the die is to process the oily raw material with low density, for they won’t block up the die and can lubricate the pellet machine. Good recommendation is the mixture of bran, flour together with vegetable oil.

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