How to lengthen the working life of pellet roller and die?

Roller and dies are the key components for forming pellets, therefore if they keep in good maintenance, it can not only ensure the good quality of biomass pellets, but also save certain amounts of money for buying the new machinery parts. In order to lengthen the working life of roller and dies, there are several aspects we can pay attention to.

First, the type of metal material will effect its abrasion resistance and breakage resistance. Carbon steel is widely used in cheap pellet mill but not anti-corrosive. Usually speaking, stainless steel and high chrome is more ideal.

Second, corrosive material will shorten the working life of rollers and die. After finishing each production, operation staff should clean the die and roller in time, otherwise the remaining material will degrade the working efficiency.

Third, the friction between the roller and die will also shorten the service life. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep certain space between the roller and die.

Lastly, the rotating speed of the die and roller will also result in the wear of roller and die.

Apart from cleaning the die and roller frequently, it is very necessary to check the working condition of the pellet making machine from time to time. If there is something wrong, for example, strange noise, then the machine should shop working at once to figure out the problem.

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